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Richard Mayne (Fox Soft Water), F Wayne Packard, Phil Meier, Leon Vinyard, Merrill Fie (Culligan), Walter J Polens (General Ionics) & F Stuart 'Stu' Mitchell (Lindsay), WQA Governors, 1979

Richard Mayne (Fox Soft Water), F Wayne Packard, Phil Meier, Leon Vinyard, Merrill Fie (Culligan), Walter J Polens (General Ionics) & F Stuart 'Stu' Mitchell (Lindsay), WQA Governors, 1979
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Biographies are available for:

Merrill R Fie

From Water Conditioning Magazine, December 1970, WCAI, 25th Anniversary: WCAI President, 1967, 1968. Mile-Hi Culligan, Englewood, Colorado. Also operates Deep Rock Water Company, selling bottled artesian and distilled water, selling and renting water coolers. Goal is to become a "Department Store for Water." University of Nebraska graduate, is considered an excellent businessman. Wife, Dorie, is vivacious, out-going, complementing his shy, somewhat reserved demeanor. has two daughters. Very active in civic, church affairs.

Richard Mayne

From Water Conditioning, August 1979: Few people know that Richard Mayne, president of the Water Quality Association, is a Certified Public Accountant. Even fewer are aware of his service record as a jet fighter pilot in Korea, or the fact that he was at one time an acting General in the Wisconsin Air National Guard. Mayne was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin and is a product of the University of Wisconsin where he received a BA and a secondary degree in accounting. After serving as a jet pilot in Korea, he entered the water conditioning industry in 1960 in partnership with Keith Borgerud in Borgerud Manufacturing Company of Deerfield. He left Borgerud in July of 1964 for a position with Fox Soft Water. In May of 1968, he purchased the business from John Fox.

F Wayne Packard

From Water Conditioning, December 1970, WCAI, 25th Anniversary: WCAI President, 1952. Culligan Water Conditioning, Minneapolis, Minn. Owner of several water conditioning operations which, in total, are thought to represent the largest dealership in the country. Pettit Award winner. One of Minnesota's most respected businessmen; has taken leadership role in State's water resources work. Was president of Minneapolis Better Business Bureau. Serving as example and inspiration, has probably done more than any single dealer to raise the standards of the industry. Was director of WQRC and twice president. Charter member and past president of the Minnesota Water Conditioning Association. Three children. Widely traveled, accompanied by lovely wife, Mary.

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