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Current IssueSeptember 17, 2021
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This column appears irregularly throughout the year.

August 2008  August 2008
Ask The Expert Question 3, July 2008  July 2008
Ask The Expert Question 2, July 2008  July 2008
Ask The Expert Question 1, July 2008  July 2008
Whole-house RO system with copper pipes  February 2008
Practical or aesthetic effects of both low or high pH  February 2008
Testing the condition of membranes  February 2008
Hollow fiber MF and UF membrane treatment options  August 2007
Nitrate removal with nanofiltration  August 2007
Ozone concentration in distilled water  August 2007
High iron content in exit stream  June 2007
Testing for tannins  June 2007
Pool salt levels  March 2007
How to test pool salt  March 2007
How often to test  March 2007
TDS and salt levels  March 2007
Health effects from deionized water  July 2005
Declining water level  March 2005
Follow-up: November  February 2005
Well water is too soft  January 2005
MSC or Certification exams  December 2004
water softening equipment  November 2004
ice maker filters  November 2004
ozone  October 2004
hard water  September 2004
Distilled water & plastic; storage tips for bottlers  July 2004
RO choices  June 2004
Blue-green water  June 2004
RO choices  May 2004
Removing TCE  May 2004
Treating humidifier water  April 2004
Pump replacements  April 2004
Filters: Double or nothing  March 2004
Cooler cleaning  March 2004
Peroxide dosing?  February 2004
Pool water silverization  February 2004
RO & UV in Malta  February 2004
Overdrawing requires new valve  January 2004
Coconut and carbon  January 2004
Ozone and food processing  January 2004
Desalination at larger scale  January 2004
Hot and cold of lime softening  August 2003
Bypassing salt?  August 2003
Extending RO membrane life  July 2003
No-salt softening  July 2003
Pool advice  July 2003
Soda ash as a regenerant  July 2003
Journals for `air purification`  July 2003
Home drinking water  July 2003
Under the bamboo tree  May 2003
Principles of softening  April 2003
Two 500-gallon Water Buffalo  February 2003
Silica & RO fouling  February 2003
Determining proper chlorine levels  January 2003
A question of pH  December 2002
POU/POE by the numbers?  December 2002
Drinking water filtration system for a community of 10K  December 2002
Aggressive RO water  October 2002
No fluoride, no RO  October 2002
Extra oomph for spring water?  October 2002
UV & lake water  October 2002
Trolling for poll results  September 2002
Recycling data  September 2002
No fluoride, no RO  August 2002
Torn up over tannins  August 2002
Reducing septic system impacts  July 2002
The long and short of softening  July 2002
Clamp-on water treatment  June 2002
Water software 101  May 2002
Per capita water needs  May 2002
‘Cross into the Blue’ on the cutting edge  April 2002
Iron in my water  April 2002
Water softener comparison  April 2002
Comparison of home water softeners  March 2002
Recycling water from your ACvv  March 2002
Distilled vs. reverse osmosis  February 2002
E. coli & coliform  January 2002
Making money the object  January 2002
What’s the best?  January 2002
Oxygenated bottled water?  October 2001
Well treatments other than chlorine  October 2001
More on RO fouling  September 2001
Revisiting iron in water  August 2001
Dissolved oxygen, health and water  August 2001
Removing microsporidia  July 2001
In search of water efficiency  July 2001
Ultraviolet `sterilizer`  June 2001
Revisiting iron in water  June 2001
Finding the Light  June 2001
Blue or green, copper often the culprit  May 2001
RO fouling in Tanzania  May 2001
Affordable water for the developing world  May 2001
Carbon and chlorine  April 2001
A `Carefree’ response to Expert answer  April 2001
Getting educated on water  April 2001
UV & materials selection  April 2001
Getting started in the Sunshine State  March 2001
Concerning water recycling  February 2001
Softeners and the environment  February 2001
Tracking softener sales  February 2001
Getting started in the Sunshine State  February 2001
Canada: UV & Log Reduction  February 2001
Industrial/Domestic Water Treatment  January 2001
Carbon and Ozone  January 2001
Filtration and Small Systems  January 2001
Sizing a Community Well  January 2001
Conventional vs. recycled water treatment  December 2000
Treating recycled cooling water for bottles and cans  December 2000
Spot-Free Rinse Water for Bus Washer -- 3 Answers  December 2000
Three Questions on Corrosivity: Reluctant Guinea Pigs  November 2000
Three Questions on Corrosivity: Wary of Aluminum  November 2000
Three Questions on Corrosivity: ROs and Copper  November 2000
Science Fair Project #2: How do You Do It?  October 2000
Science Fair Project #1: Getting the Dirt Out  October 2000
Basic Home Water Treatment #1: Scandinavia and UV  September 2000
Basic Home Water Treatment #2: Filtration, etc., in Israel  September 2000
MTBE and Whole House Treatment in Two U.S. Regions: Northeast  August 2000
MTBE and Whole House Treatment in Two U.S. Regions: Midwest  August 2000
Sucking on a Straw  July 2000
Dialysis: Use of Softener with Mixed Bed DI  July 2000