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Current IssueSeptember 17, 2021
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Diaphragm pumps, by Blue-White Industries

Blue-White Industries’ CHEM-PRO® M Series diaphragm metering pump features include NSF 61 listing (a water treatment must); 200:1 turndown; a large, easy to read LCD screen that displays pump output rate; a 4-20 mA output (standard on all models) and a robust #316 stainless steel pump head cover for added strength. These pumps also feature Blue-White’s exclusive DiaFlex® diaphragm, a single-piece unit manufactured 100-percent in-house of molded PVDF. There is zero delamination or breakdown with DiaFlex. Optional advanced communications include: Industrial Ethernet, Modbus TCP, ProfiNet, Modbus, and Profibus. CHEM-PRO M is sold and serviced exclusively by highly skilled, factory authorized technicians. www.blue-white.com, sales@blue-white.com

Filter housings, by Delta Pure Filtration

SHU Universal Series filter housings from Delta Pure Filtration accept three styles of filter elements: DOE (double open end), 2X size 222 O-rings with flat top, or single internal O-ring (size 119 or 213) with flat top. These single-element industrial filter housings combine the robustness of 304 or 316 stainless steel construction with the economics of a streamlined design. The housings employ an easy to use ring-nut closure with a reliable double seal. These rugged housings are great for commercial hot water, industrial chemical and other applications requiring a robust filter vessel. They accept filters of up to 2.75-inch (6.9 cm) diameter and lengths of 9.75/10 (24.7/25.4 cm), 20 (50.8 cm) or 30 inches (76.2 cm). A spring-loaded bottom seal provides flexibility to allow for slight filter length variations among filter brands. Inlet/outlet are 0.75- or one inch (1.9 or 2.5 cm) fNPT. Drains are 0.25-inch (0.6-cm) fNPT. Housings are compatible with a wide range of fluids and come standard with EPDM O-rings. Viton® or equivalent FKM elastomer, as well as FDA silicone also available. Various filter cartridge types can be installed, including string wound, melt blown, pleated, carbon, resin bonded, stainless steel and others. www.deltapure.com, (800) 785-9450

Cooling water treatment, by U.S. Water

U.S. Water’s PhosZero™ with E-FeX™ Technology, a breakthrough in sustainable chemistry for cooling water treatment, is a synergistic blend of ingredients that replaces the most common uses of phosphorus in cooling water applications. This family of cooling water treatment products are designed to provide both scale and corrosion control, similar to traditional phosphorus-containing chemistries but without the discharge or aquatic toxicity concerns of older technologies. Benefits include: maximum protection against corrosion and scale, ensuring high heat transfer and maximum equipment efficiency; environmental sustainability; elimination of phosphorus discharge to the environment, enhancing regulatory compliance and the eradication of costs associated with phosphorus removal from waste streams and plant safety improvement due to reduced need for acid use and storage on-site. www.uswaterservices.com

Groundwater pump website, by Wilo USA

Wilo USA’s revamped Wilo Groundwater Select website is designed for easy selection of submersible well pumps, motors and accessories for water wells, agriculture, dewatering and industrial applications. The website automatically recommends products based on users’ design points, energy considerations, applications and a variety of other selectable criteria and welcomes visitors with easy access to complete product selection in three categories: Calculators, Advanced Criteria and Manual Selection. The site allows quick and easy solutions to groundwater abstraction such as submersible TWI, TWU, 3-10-inch (7.62-25.4-cm) pumps, motors and accessories. wilo.pump-flo.com

Treatment system, by Hydrotech, Inc.

Hydrotech’s HIMTLC Series Combination System removes hardness, iron, manganese and tannins from water supplies, providing one solution for multiple water problems. The removal of hardness minerals leaves dishes spot-free, laundry brighter and makes skin and hair softer. Removing iron, manganese and tannins keeps fixtures from staining while also removing taste, smell and color from water. The two-tank system uses high-quality anion and cation and is available with NSF-certified (Standards 89, 785, 565 and 765) control valves, which all feature simple, backlit electronics. www.hydrotechwater.com, (800) 354-7867

Chemical engineering guide, by The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) introduces a new set of metrics that will help chart the changing skill-development and educational needs of chemical engineers across industries and career stages. The new Body of Knowledge (BOK) for chemical engineers was developed under the direction of AIChE’s Career and Education Operating Council (CEOC) and encompasses the range of knowledge, skills and abilities required of chemical engineering professionals. It is aimed at providers of chemical engineering professional training. Engineers may also use the guide as a reference for their own career skills development. It employs a series of knowledge, skills and abilities matrices, which are cross referenced with metrics in key developmental domains (affective, cognitive and psychomotor). These variables relate to the attributes associated with effective performance in ten areas of chemical engineering practice: academia, chemical processing, foods, drugs, consumer products, high-tech industries, emerging markets, materials science, nuclear energy and regulatory fields. Numeric rankings are applied to the various categories, denoting the recommended skill level or aptitudes needed for a spectrum of professional roles in the given field. www.aiche.org/academy

Pump guide, by The Hydraulic Institute

The Hydraulic Institute introduces the recently published Reliability of Pumping Equipment guide. This publication provides reliability insights, such as expected reliability levels, monitoring approaches and methods of improvement. Information is also included on how to identify satisfactory operation for different pump types, classes of service and importance. Maintenance and reliability professionals looking to benchmark and improve reliability and cost of ownership will benefit from the information contained in this guide. It provides an overview of initial equipment selection relative to the product life expectation as well as installation recommendations that will improve system reliability; classifies methods of quantifying reliability using computer maintenance management systems and identifies how to improve the reliability of bad actor systems; identifies how to achieve optimal life of pumping equipment when it is correctly designed, sized and selected for a given application and operated (and maintained) as specified and categorizes solutions for analyzing, improving and replacing existing equipment, as well as defining the importance of life-cycle cost analysis for new equipment. http://estore.pumps.org/Guidebooks/Reliability.aspx.

Beverage system, by MTN Products

MTN Products® introduces gourmet coffee brewing water coolers for the commercial and residential markets. The commercial AquaCafé® Beverage System is a water cooler with a built-in, singe-serve coffee brewer. In 45 seconds, it produces freshly brewed gourmet coffee or tea while at the same time filling a glass with pure water from the AquaHost™ cooler. The AquaBarista is a single-serve brewer that can be integrated on top of the AquaHost™ cooler or it can sit on the countertop as a stand-alone gourmet coffee brewer. The AquaCafé System comes in POD or K-Cup options and in both filtration and bottle-water models. The bottle-water model is bottom loading; no lifting of heavy bottles required. The residential model is a single-unit water cooler that makes gourmet coffee, tea and dispenses purified hot and cold water for small offices and homes. With many of the same great features as the commercial model, options for K-cups (KGM approved) or Touch capsules and filtration or bottle-water models are available. The bottle water slides in the bottom so there is also no lifting of heavy bottles. The filtration model has room inside for a single eco3 filter or an eco3 RO system. www.mtnproducts.com, sales@mtnproducts.com

Filtered shower heads, by Sprite Industries, Inc.

Sprite Industries’ WaterSense-certified Ultimate Shower is a single power spray unit that boasts a triple-platinum finish. It is also available in white, chrome or brushed-nickel color options. This unit reduces exposure to chlorine, dirt, odors, rust and more. It is ready to meet recently adopted California standards that require that all shower heads do not exceed two gpm (7.5 L/m) maximum flowrate. WaterSense-certified products are 20 percent more water efficient, provide measurable water savings results and obtain independent, third-party certification. www.SpriteShowers.com, (800) 327-9137