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Current IssueSeptember 17, 2021
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August 2015: Volume 57, Number 8

Water Matters: A New Standard for Pool Chemicals
by Blake Stark
 Pages: 36 - 38

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Water Matters: Pressure-Drop Measurement for POE Systems  March 2012
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Water Matters: Flowrates and the NSF/ANSI DWTU Standards  December 2011
Water Matters: POU RO Systems TDS Reduction Testing  November 2011
Water Matters: Tracking International Requirements for POU and POE  October 2011
Water Matters: Protocols: A Certification Alternative  September 2011
Water Matters: Brazilian Requirements for POU/POE Products  July 2011
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Water Matters: Fail Safe In NSF/ANSI 55  May 2011
Water Matters: Chloramine Reduction and Fountain--Beverage Filtration Systems  April 2011
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Water Matters: Product Certification--A Competitive Advantage for POU/POE Manufacturers  August 2010
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Water Matters: Testing Manufacturers' Claims on Activated Carbon Systems  June 2010
Water Matters: NSF/ANSI 55 Requirements for Ultraviolet Systems   May 2010
Water Matters: Certification of Commercial Fountain Beverage Water Treatment Systems  April 2010
Water Matters: 2010: a New Year, a New Overview of POU/POE Certification  March 2010
Water Matters: Consumer Protection through Certification to NSF/ANSI DWTU Standards  February 2010
Water Matters: POU RO Systems: Claims Testing Under NSF/ANSI 58  January 2010
Water Matters: Treatment of Groundwater for Residential Purposes--Certification of Contaminant Reduction Performance  December 2009
Water Matters: Use of Alternate Filter Medias in Pool and Spa Filters  November 2009
Water Matters: Product Certification, GFSI, HACCP and Training--The DNA of Beverage Quality  October 2009
Water Matters: POU and POE Standards in Canada  September 2009
Water Matters: POU/POE Test Rig Considerations  August 2009
Water Matters: Daily Production Rate and Efficiency Rating of POU Reverse Osmosis Systems  July 2009
Water Matters: Material Safety of Activated Carbon  June 2009
Water Matters: Testing POU/POE Ultraviolet Drinking Water Treatment Systems Under NSF/ANSI 55  May 2009
Water Matters: Mechanical Filtration Performance Testing of POU/POE Systems  April 2009
Water Matters: Testing POU/POE Media Filters for Arsenic Reduction  March 2009
Water Matters: Active Agents under NSF/ANSI 42 and 53  February 2009
Water Matters: Certification of POE and POU Hollow-Fiber Ultrafiltration Systems  January 2009
Water Matters: Requirements for POE Water Softeners under NSF/ANSI 44  December 2008
TDS Reduction Testing of POU Reverse Osmosis Systems  November 2008
Contaminant Reduction Testing of Pour-Through Pitcher Filter Systems  October 2008
Chemical and Mechanical Reduction Claims on Carbon Block Filters  September 2008
Laboratories for POU and POE - The Analytical Side  August 2008
Non-Softening Scale Control Devices--Standards and Lack Thereof  July 2008
Pharmaceuticals in Water  June 2008
Chloroform as a Surrogate for Volatile Organic Contaminants  May 2008
Water Matters: Water China 2008  April 2008
Pressure Drop: An Important Measurement for Point of Entry Systems  March 2008
In-Place Cleaning Testing of Residential Distillers under NSF / ANSI 62  February 2008
Total Dissolved Solids Reduction Testing of Point of Use Reverse Osmosis Systems under NSF/ANSI 58  January 2008
Water Efficiency and the NSF / ANSI DWTU Standards  December 2007
Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: The Use of Test Dust in NSF/ANSI 42 and 53  November 2007
Point of Entry Systems and the NSF / ANSI Standards  October 2007
Comparison of Standards Setting Practices: International, Regional and National  September 2007
Certification of Drinking Water Treatment Systems that Utilize Active Agents  August 2007
Membership in the NSF International Joint Committee on Drinking Water Treatment Units  June 2007
Trademark Protection, A Case Study  May 2007
Classic Literature - Moby Dick, A Tale of Two Cities and My New Water Treatment System Manual?  April 2007
Lead Reduction at pH 8.5  March 2007
Certification of Products with Multiple Technologies  February 2007
Testing Pour-Through Pitchers for Contaminant Reduction Claims  January 2007
Minimum Claims Under the NSF/ANSI DWTU Standards  December 2006
New European Standards for POU and POE Devices  October 2006
Contaminant Reduction Testing of POU Reverse Osmosis Systems Under NSF/ANSI 58  July 2006
Water China, 2006  June 2006
Arsenic Reduction Claims for Media Filters under NSF / ANSI 53  May 2006
The Who, What, When, Why and How of the WRAS Approval Process  April 2006
Efficiency of Water Softeners Under NSF/ANSI 44  March 2006
Chlorine Reduction Testing  February 2006
A `Hard` Standard for Softeners NSF/ANSI 44  January 2006
Material Safety and the NSF/ANSI DWTU Standards  December 2005
Certification of Water Treatment Systems for the Food Service Industry  November 2005
Contaminant Reduction Testing of Residential Distillers Under NSF/ANSI 62  October 2005
Bottled Water Certification Audits  September 2005
Standards Requirements for POE vs. POU Systems  August 2005
Testing for Chloramine Reduction Requires In-Place Chloramine Formation  July 2005
Certification of Activated Carbon and Products Containing Activated Carbon  June 2005
Ultraviolet Water Disinfection -- It’s All About the Dose  May 2005
Contaminant Reduction Claims on Reverse Osmosis System Post-Filters  April 2005
Efficient Certification with Product Bracketing  March 2005
Conformance to the NSF/ANSI DWTU Standards of Complete Systems Versus Components  February 2005
Cyst Reduction, Turbidity Reduction, Nominal Particulate Reduction, Class I  January 2005
A New Standard for Shower Filters  December 2004
Water Treatment Technologies: A Bottled Water Perspective  November 2004
Minimum Performance Requirements, Minimum Service Flow: Requirements that must not be minimized!  October 2004
Refrigerator Filters—Unique Products, Unique Certification  September 2004
Softener Certification -- Standard 44 Capacity Testing  August 2004
Structural Integrity and the DWTU Standards  July 2004
Lead and the Corrosion It Leaves Behind -- What the Washington, D.C., Case Taught Us  June 2004
How You Can Have an Impact on DWTU Standards  May 2004
Helping the Consumer Make an Informed Decision  April 2004
The Art and Science of Contaminant Reduction Test Methods  March 2004
Witness for Certification -- Product Testing Is Controlled, But Not Confined  February 2004
ANSI/NSF Standard 53 Cyst Test Dust Reduction -- The End of an Era  January 2004
Literature Requirements and DWTU Standards  December 2003
An Inside Look at the Certification of Hybrid Systems  November 2003
Arsenic and the ANSI/NSF Drinking Water Treatment Unit Standards  October 2003
Chemical Additives: A Closer Look at Product Testing for Standard 60  September 2003
Water Treatment in Food Service Establishments  August 2003
Perchlorate -- New Contaminant Reduction Claims for DWTU Standards  July 2003
Water Coolers--The Meeting of Many Standards  June 2003
Microbiological Water Purifier Testing--The Quest for Surrogate Organisms  May 2003
A Matter of Public Trust -- A Review of the NSF Conference on POU/POE for SDWA Compliance  April 2003
Material Extraction Testing of Activated Carbon: A Tale of Two Standards  March 2003
Driving Safer Cars, Drinking Safer Water  February 2003
DWTU Standards and Materials Disclosure  January 2003
ANSI/NSF Standards 42 and 53 Test Waters: Water is Water, Isn’t It?  December 2002
The Role of ANSI in Drinking Water Product Standards, Testing and Certification  November 2002
Bottled Water -- A Primer to Proper Operations  October 2002
China -- A Changing Landscape for Manufacturers and Certifiers  September 2002
Arsenic: Centrally Managed POU as a Compliance Method -- A Feasibility Study  August 2002
An Overview of the Standard for RO Treatment Technologies  July 2002
The New ANSI/NSF Standard 55  June 2002
New ANSI/NSF Draft Standard for Shower Filtration Systems  May 2002
Water Softeners & Septic Tanks: A Compatible Combination?  April 2002
Arsenic Update for Manufacturers and Dealers  March 2002
Testing of Microbiological Water Treatment Devices  February 2002
Drinking Water System Components: Testing & Certifying  January 2002
Water Wells and Unique Treatment Needs  December 2001
At the Center of It All: Testing New Water Technologies  November 2001
Bottled Water Filters: A Class of Their Own  October 2001
Asia on the Move  September 2001
Chromium: The Risk & The Fix  August 2001
Protocol to Standard 53: Radon Reduction for Point-of-Use DWTU`s  July 2001
Proposed Changes to ANSI/NSF Standard 55 -- Ultraviolet Microbiological Water Treatment Systems  June 2001
Standard 50: Meeting the Needs of the Pool & Spa Industries  May 2001
Building Steam for the Revision of ANSI/NSF 62  April 2001
POU/POE Water Treatment Devices -- Increasing Awareness Among the Masses  March 2001
ANSI/NSF Standard Revisions Improve Real World Application  February 2001
Drinking Water Treatment Standards -- The Process of Certification  January 2001
Testing for Lead Contamination -- Making Sense of a Complex Matter  December 2000
Proposed Arsenic Protocol -- Gauging the Potential Dangers  November 2000
Chloramines and their Presence in Water -- Meeting the New Standards  October 2000
France Launches Certification Program for DWTUs -- Meeting American Standards  September 2000
New Regulation Opens Japan to Plumbing Products Manufactured Worldwide  August 2000
Filtration -- Defining ``Absolute`` and ``Nominal``  July 2000
Materials Safety Kick-Off  June 2000
Is Your Water Bugged? The Scoop on Developing a New Microbiological Reduction Standard  May 2000
Bringing Industry Users to the Environmental and Public Health Certification Process  April 2000
Update on Package Drinking Water Treatment Systems  March 2000
Component Certification between Systems  February 2000
Certifying Components Water and Systems  January 2000