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Current IssueSeptember 17, 2021
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This new and improved Buyer's Guide is worldwide and combines WC&P and Agua Latinoamerica listings for global resourcing at your fingertips.

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Showing: All Buyers Guide companies

  1st Choice Water Softeners, Inc.
  3M Purification
  A.J. Antunes & Co. – VIZION
  AALBORG Instruments
  ABA Water Systems, Inc.
  Accu-Tek, Inc.
  Ace Chemical & Equipment Co.
  Acme Engineering Prod., Inc.
  Acme International
  Acqua Línea Prod e Serv Ltda
  Activated Carbon Services, Inc.
  Addie Water Systems, Inc.
  AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.
  ADI International Inc.
  Adsorbent carbons private limited
  Advanced Technology Products (ATP)
  Advanced Water Engineering, Inc.
  Aeration Industries International
  Aerex Industries, Inc.
  AEROMIX Systems, Inc.
  Agape Water Solutions, Inc.
  Aguas de Amazonas
  Air Gap International, Inc.
  Air Pump Water Solutions, Inc.
  AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH
  Alan Manufacturing
  Aldex Chemical Co. Ltd.
  Alfa Laval, Inc.
  AlkaViva (Formerly IonWays)
  All Clear S.A.S.
  All Water Systems, Inc.
  AllFilters Pty Ltd.
  Alliance Group, Inc.
  Allpure Filters, Ltd.
  Alpine® Coolers
  Altwell Tech, Inc.
  AM Products & Services, LLC
  Amber Science, Inc.
  American Air & Water®, Inc.
  American Fabric Filter Co.
  American Granby, Inc.
  American Lamprecht Transport, Inc.
  American RO
  American Ultraviolet
  American Water Products, Inc.
  AmeriWater, Inc.
  Amiad Water Systems
  AMII S.P. 200.
  Analytical Measurements
  Anderson Separator
  Anderson Water Systems, Inc.
  Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co. KG
  Angel Water Group
  ANMAX(R) Watertec Corp.
  APEL International, Inc.
  Applied Membranes, Inc.
  APS Water Services Corp.
  APT Instruments
  AQ & Q Co., Ltd.
  Aqua & Solar Innovative Systems
  Aqua Dem International
  Aqua Drops (Pvt) Limited
  Aqua EPC LLC
  Aqua Everbest Industry Co., Ltd.
  Aqua Finance, Inc.
  Aqua Mechanical, Inc.
  Aqua One Filtration Technologies, Ltd.
  Aqua Pro Systems
  Aqua Professionals, LLC
  Aqua Pure Depot
  Aqua Safe Technologies
  AQUA STAR International
  Aqua Sun Ozone
  Aqua Systems
  Aqua Treatment Service
  Aqua(R) Ultraviolet
  Aqua-Rex, LLC
  Aquabion uk
  Aquadyn de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
  Aqualine II Water Systems
  Aqualine Products, Inc.
  Aquaone Filtration Systems
  Aquaozon Internacional De Mexico SA DE CV
  AquaPac Limited
  AquaPro Water Systems LLC
  Aquarius Technologies
  Aquaspace(R) / Western Water International Inc.
  Aquatech International Corp.
  Aquathin Corp.
  Aquatreat Solutions Limited
  Aquias WATER Systems
  Aquion, Inc.
  Argon Chemical Corporation Guatemala
  Argon Chemical Corporation Honduras
  Argonide Corporation
  Aries Filterworks
  Arisa Water
  Arizona Instrument, LLC
  Arizona Water Vendors, Inc.
  Arrow Industries
  Art's Way Vessels, Inc.
  Ascension Industries, Inc.
  ASCO Numatics
  ASCO Valve, Inc.
  Association of Water Technologies
  atech innovations gmbh
  Atlantic Filter Corporation
  Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation
  Atlantis Pompe Ste-Foy
  Atlas Business Solutions, Inc.
  Autochem Corp.
  Automated Pure Water, Inc.
  Avista Technologies, Inc.
  AWG International, Inc.
  AXEON Water Technologies
  B/C Valve Company, Intl.
  Baroid IDP
  Baytel Associates
  BDG International LLC
  Bel-Art Products
  Bestech, Inc.
  Better Air Gap
  Better Water Industries, Inc.
  Big Brand Water Filter, Inc.
  Big Island Carbon
  Biocera Co., Ltd.
  BioWorld Products, Inc.
  Blue-White Industries
  Boston Electronics
  Bottle Mate
  BP Solar & Water Services, Inc.
  Burkert Fluid Control Systems
  Cal Ben Soap Company
  Calgon Carbon Corporation
  Canature North America, Inc.
  Carbochem, Inc.
  Carbon Activated Corporation
  Carbon Block Technology
  Carbon Central, LLC
  Carbon Link Corporation
  Carlon Meter, Inc.
  Cartwright Consulting Co.
  CAS DataLoggers, Inc.
  Cascade Pump Company
  CAT PUMPS-High Pressure Pumps & Systems
  Cato Western, Inc. - Reptech Gauges
  Caware Filtering Corporation
  CEI - Carbon Enterprises, Inc.
  Ceramic Filters Company, Inc.
  CETCO Energy Services
  Challenger Water International, Inc.
  Champ Design Co., Ltd.
  Chandler Systems, Inc.
  Charger Water Treatment Products
  Chem-Tainer Industries, Inc.
  Chemtech International
  Chemviron Carbon
  Chester Paul Company
  Chirathma International (Pvt) Ltd.
  Chlorinators Incorporated
  ChungHo Nais Co., Ltd.
  ChungHo USA
  Clack Corp.
  Clean Water Systems, International
  Clear Decision Filtration, Inc.
  Clearion Water Technologies
  ClearTech Industries, Inc.
  Clearwater Systems, Ltd.
  ClearWater Tech, LLC
  Columbia River Carbonates
  Comercializadora Instapura, S. A.
  Commercial Water Distributing
  Compact Aqua Technocrats
  Concorde Water Supplies
  Conquest International, LLC
  ConservCo Water Conservation Products, LLC
  CoolerSmart USA
  Coster Engineering
  Covenant Filtration
  Coway USA, Inc.
  CR Watertec, Inc
  Creative Water Solutions
  Critical Process Filtration, Inc.
  Croll-Reynolds Engineering Co., Inc.
  Crystal Mountain Products Limited
  Crystal Quest(R) Manufacturing
  CSM (Woongjin Chemical America)
  Custom Applied Technology Corp.
  CuZn Water Systems
  CWT International
  CyberLock, Inc.
  Danfoss A/S, High Pressure Pumps
  Darrin Jillson Enterprise
  Dataman Group Direct Mail + Phone Lists
  Dayton Water Systems
  Dean Pump, Met-Pro Corp
  Delkor (UK) Ltd.
  DelStar Technologies, Inc.
  Delta Pure Filtration
  Delta Trading
  Delta Water Systems
  designedWise Products, Inc.
  Differential Pressure Plus
  Dinax Ltd.
  Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd
  Dixie Tank Company
  DMT USA, Inc.
  Doha Water Treatment Company
  Donaldson Europe BVBA
  Dongli Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  Dosatron International
  Douglas Environmental Soultions
  Duall, Met-Pro Corp.
  Duff Company
  DuPage Water Conditioning
  Durable Manufacturing Co.
  E-Tankless Water Heaters Corp.
  Eco Tech, Inc.
  Eco-Tec Inc., Water Treatment Division
  Ecofine Filtration Technology Co., Ltd.
  ECOSmarte® Planet Friendly, Inc.
  EcoWater Canada Ltd.
  EcoWater Systems, LLC
  Edge Analytical Laboratories
  Edward C. Gregor & Associates, LLC
  Eldon James Corp.
  Electronic Systems Design, Inc.
  Electrotemp Technologies, Inc.
  Elettrotec srl
  Elsner Engineering Works, Inc.
  EMEC Americas, Inc.
  Engineering Specialties
  Entec Polymers, LLC
  Enting Water Conditioning, Inc.
  ENVI Solutions
  Enviroflow Water Technologies
  Envirogard Products Limited
  EnviroGem, Inc.
  Environetics, Inc.
  Environmental Leverage, Inc.
  Environmental Safety Products - ESP
  Environmental Testing and Research Laboratories, Inc.
  Environmental World Products
  Envirozone Technocraft Pvt., Ltd.
  Enware Australia P/L
  Eray Endustriyel Tesisler Co,. Ltd.
  Erie Water Treatment Controls, Div of AWTP, LLC
  ErtelAlsop - Depth Filtration Media & Equipment
  Esseco USA, LLC
  ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH
  Eureka Forbes, Ltd.
  Everpure/Pentair Foodservice
  Excalibur Extrusions
  Exelon Filtration, LLC
  Exergy Technologies Corp.
  Fabricated Plastics Limited
  Fairey Industrial Ceramics Limited
  Falcon Stainless, Inc.
  Farris Enterprises, Inc.
  FCI Watermakers, Inc.
  Felder Industries, Inc.
  FIBOX Enclosures
  Filler Specialties, Inc.
  FilterCor Inc.
  Filters Fast, LLC
  Filters, Water & Instrumentation, Inc.
  FiltraGuide InsideActive Media GmbH
  Filtration cv
  Filtration Equipment and Supply
  Filtration Services, Ltd.
  Filtration Technology Corporation
  Filtrex Technologies USA
  Filtronics, Inc.
  Finish Thompson, Inc.
  Fivebro International
  Flo-Monitors, Inc.
  Flogard Systems Ltd
  Fluid Components International, LLC (FCI)
  Fluid Dynamics International
  Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.
  Fluid Metering, Inc.
  Fluidra USA
  Fluxtek International Corp.
  Follett Corporation
  Force Flow
  Forsta Filters, Inc.
  Foundation Finance Company
  FPI Sensors International
  FPZ, Inc.
  Frankl & Thomas, Inc.
  Fresh Water Systems, Inc.
  fresh2o, LLC
  Fritsch GmbH - Milling and Sizing
  FSHS, Inc.
  Fuller Engineering, Inc.
  Future Technologies LLC
  FuYang Mey-Well Environment Co., Ltd.
  FYE de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
  G Bopp USA
  G&J Technical, Inc.
  G. Bopp USA, Inc.
  G.A. Murdock, Inc.
  G.R.A. Representatives and Agencies, Ltd.
  GBC Systems, Inc.
  General Carbon Corporation
  General Ecology, Inc.
  Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.
  George L. Throop Co.
  Gerardo Monroy Translations
  Gigahertz-Optik, Inc.
  Gizmo Engineering
  Global Coolers
  Global Ecocarb Pvt., Ltd.
  Global Marketing Systems
  Global Motion LLC
  Global Water Services
  Good Water Warehouse - Calgary AB
  Good Water Warehouse - Fullerton, CA
  Good Water Warehouse - Newmarket, Ontario
  Good Water Warehouse - Santa Barbara, CA
  GOW-MAC® Instrument Co.
  Grand Wealth Int'l Co., Ltd.
  Graver Technologies, LLC
  Great Lakes International, Inc.
  Great Plains Industries, Inc.
  Greenway Water Technologies
  Gryphon Filter, Ltd.
  Gwynne Five Beverage, LLC
  H2O Concepts International, Inc.
  H2O Filter Warehouse
  H2O International, Inc.
  Hach Company Flow Meters
  Hague Quality Water®
  Haigh Engineering Co. Ltd. (The)
  Haixing Company
  Haliç Çevre Teknolojileri Ltd Sti.
  Handok Clean Tech Co., Ltd.
  Hangzhou Anow Microfiltration Co., Ltd.
  Hanilworld Co., Ltd.
  Hankscraft H2O Products
  Harmsco Filtration Products
  Harwil Corporation
  Hatenboer-Water b.v.
  Haws Corporation
  Hayward Flow Control
  HealthWay Products (M)
  Hellenbrand, Inc.
  Hess Machine International
  Hidell Eyster International
  hidro-water, s.l.
  Hitachi Aqua-Tech Engineering Pte. Ltd.
  HM Digital, Inc.
  Home Water Purifiers & Filters
  Huron Water
  Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps
  Hydro Life, Inc.
  Hydro Source, LLC (Turbidex™)
  Hydro Systems International, Inc.
  Hydrocluster H2O Technologies
  Hydroflow® USA
  Hydronamic Engineering Corp.
  Hydronix Water Technology
  Hydrotech - Canada
  Hydrotech - Division of WaterGroup Companies, Inc.
  Hygienic Solutions
  i controls, inc.
  IAPMO Group
  Ice and Water Vendors, LLC
  IDE Technologies, Ltd.
  IMTEK | NoOdor.com
  IMTEK | NoOdor.com
  Industrial Netting
  Industrial Specialties Manufacturing, Inc.
  Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (ITS)
  Industrial Water Consulting, Inc.
  Industrias Felmar
  Innowave USA, LLC
  INSOL - Pollet Water Group
  International H2O
  International Parallel Machines, Inc.
  International Polymer Solutions, Inc.
  International Products Corp.
  International Water Werks, Inc.
  Inversand Company
  Iron Pro
  IRONpro LWC, Ltd.
  ISI Precision Machinery
  iSpring Water Systems, LLC
  ITT Alcon
  ITT Corporation
  J&B Products, Inc
  J.H. Verneco, Inc.
  J.L. Wingert Co.
  Jacobi Carbons, Inc.
  Jet, Inc.
  Jetsun Co., Ltd.
  Joco Chemical
  John Guest USA, Inc.
  Jorin, Ltd.
  Jove Aquatech Pvt., Ltd.
  JUDO Water Treatment, Inc.
  Katharos Water
  Kazanci Environmental Technics
  KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc.
  KENTPRO Water Solutions
  Keystone Filter, MET-PRO Corp.
  Kinetico, Incorporated
  Kingtop International Group Ltd.
  Klearbar Inc.
  Kodiak Controls, Inc.
  Koflo Corporation
  Kool Tek, LLC
  Kowa American Corp.
  Krones AG
  Kuriyama of America, Inc.
  KX Technologies
  L.U.M. GmbH
  LabStrong Corporation
  Lakewood Instruments LLC
  LaMotte Company
  Lancaster Pump & Water Treatment
  Lavit LLC
  Layne Christensen Company
  Lead Free Faucets
  Leadfree Faucet Division - ToolBold Corporation
  Lenzi Martin Marketing
  LeverEdge (The)
  Liberty Carbon Service, Inc.
  Life Ionizer
  Lifestream Watersystems, Inc.
  Likuan Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd.
  Linis Pure Water Systems
  Liquatec Products
  Liter Ind. e Comercio Ltda
  Liter Industria e Comercio Ltda
  Lubrizol Corporation (The)
  LUMINOR Environmental, Inc
  Mac Leads
  Madison Company
  Makkah Water Co.
  Malvern Instruments, Ltd.
  Markel Corp.
  Marlo Incorporated
  Master Bond, Inc.
  Master Water Conditioning Corp.
  Matterhorn Filter Corp.
  Mattson/Witt Precision Products, Inc.
  Maxtec Plastics, Inc.
  Mazzei Injector Company
  McBrady Engineering, Inc.
  McClean Anderson
  McCrometer Connect
  McCrometer, Inc.
  MCL Technology Corp-A Div of Layne Christensen Co
  Medora Corporation
  Meissner Filtration Products, Inc.
  Membrane Specialists LLC
  Membrane Warehouse
  Mercer International
  MET-PRO Environmental Air Solutions
  MET-PRO Global Pump Solutions
  Metal Samples Corrosion Monitoring Systems
  Mettler-Toledo Thornton, Inc.
  Microfilter Co., Ltd.
  Mid America Water Treatment, Inc.
  Midwest R.O. / Home R.O.
  Midwest Salt
  Miller-Leaman, Inc.
  Milton Roy Company
  Milwaukee Instruments
  MIM Water Technologies
  Mistral Constructeur
  Modern Process Equipment Corporation
  Modular Piping Supply
  Monarch Water
  Most Dependable Fountains, Inc.
  Moti-Vitality, LLC
  Mott Corporation
  MTB Technologies, Ltd.
  MTN Products, Inc.
  Multi-Pure/Carbon Block Technology
  Mutual Screw & Supply
  Myron L® Company
  N2 Compliance Ltd.
  Nanda Incorporated
  National Aqua Technologies
  National Electrical System Industries FZE
  National Testing Laboratories
  National Water Purification Systems
  Naturesoft Products
  NECi: Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc.
  Nelsen Corporation - Arizona
  Nelsen Corporation - Florida
  Nelsen Corporation - Ohio
  Nelsen Corporation - Texas
  NeoLogic Solutions
  Neotech Aqua Solutions
  Nevada Computer
  New Millennium Concepts, Ltd.
  Next Filtration Technologies, Inc.
  Niles Steel Tank
  Nimbus Water Systems. Inc.
  Ningbo Hidrotek Co., Ltd.
  Ningbo King Sky Water Machinery & Electric Co.,Ltd
  Norit Filtrix
  Norland International
  Nova Filtration Technologies, Inc.
  NSF International
  Nutrichem Processing LLP
  NuWater USA
  NZ Engineering Services
  OASIS International
  Oetiker, Inc.
  OI Analytical
  Omnipure Filter Company
  ONICON, Incorporated
  optek-Danulat, Inc.
  Optima Laboratories Intl., Inc.
  OptiPure Div. of Procam Controls, Inc.
  Orange Research, Inc.
  Orelis Environnement SAS
  Organic Filter Co., Ltd.
  Orival Water Filters
  OsmoTec SACV
  Osmotik(R) Osmosis Technology, Inc.
  Otto Sales
  Oxbow Activated Carbon LLC
  Ozomatic de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
  Ozone Pure Water, Inc.
  Ozone Solutions
  Ozonia North America
  Ozonology, Inc.
  Ozzo AS
  Pacer Pumps
  Pacific Consolidated Industries - Onsite Oxygen Systems
  Pacific Garnet Sales, Inc.
  Pacific Ozone
  Pacific Rim RO
  Pacific RO
  PACS Courses & Conferences
  PACS Testing & Consulting R&D
  Panama Blue
  Paragon Water Systems, Inc.
  Parker Hannifin Corp. Fluid Systems Connectors Division
  PassCode International Company
  Paul Mueller Company
  Payne USA
  PCCell GmbH
  Pelican Water Systems
  Pentair Filtration & Process
  Pentair Hidro Filtros
  Pentair Industrial
  Pentair Water Purification
  Performance Water Products, Inc.
  Performance Water Products, Inc. (Wisconsin)
  Permatron Corporation
  Pervel Water Management Solutions
  Philips Lighting
  Picogram Co., Ltd.
  Pionetics Corporation
  Piper Environmental Group
  Pittsburg Tank & Tower, Inc.
  Plastic & Metal Center, Inc.
  Polymer Solutions International, Inc.
  Pool and Spa Giant
  Postobón S.A.
  Precious Water Care, Ltd.
  Precision Design & Mfg.
  Pressure Systems, Inc.
  Prince Minerals
  Prism Visual Software, Inc.
  Pristine Water Solutions, MET-PRO Corp.
  Pro Products, LLC
  PRO-Equipment, Inc.
  Professional Analytical and Consulting Services (PACS), Inc.
  ProMinent Fluid Controls, Inc.
  Prominent Systems, Inc.
  PT. Bhisma Saktijaya
  Pulsafeeder, Inc.
  Puragua Systems, Inc.
  Pure & Secure, LLC
  Pure Aqua, Inc.
  PURE TECH Water Purification Systems
  Pure Water Components
  Pure Water Technology of Northern Wisconsin
  Pure-Pro Water Corp.
  Pureflo, Ltd.
  PureGen Group, Inc.
  PURERITE/FILBUR Manufacturing
  Pureteck Co., Inc.
  Puricom Water Ind. Corp.
  PuriTech, Ltd.
  Puronics Water Systems, Inc.
  Puronics, Incorporated
  PWC, Pure Water Corporation
  QMP, Inc.
  Quality Water Products of NY, Inc.
  Ques Industries, Inc.
  R&D Specialties, Inc.
  R-Can Environmental Inc.
  R.O. Systems International, Inc.
  Radiant Industrial Solutions
  Radiant UV
  RainSoft Water Treatment Systems
  RainSoft, Division of Aquion, Inc.
  Real Tech., Inc.
  Reid Plumbing Products, LLC
  Res-Kem Corp.
  Reserve Filter Systems
  ResinTech, Inc.
  Richway Industries
  RM Nanotech, ZAO
  Robert B. Hill Co.
  Rosedale Products, Inc.
  Rotobrush International, LLC
  Rotoplas S.A. de C.V
  RPS Water Technologies, Environmental
  RUSCO, Inc.
  S.I.P. Technologies
  Safe Water Technologies, Inc.
  Safeway Water, LLC
  Samjin R&D Co., Ltd.
  Saneamerica Equipamentos Ltd.
  Sarjan Watertech India, Pvt., Ltd.
  Savant Electronics, Inc.
  Scalewatcher North America, Inc.
  Sea Tech, Inc.
  Sedifilt Syntech Fibres
  Sefar, Inc.
  Seldon Technologies Inc.
  Selecto Scientific, Inc.
  Senno Technology, Inc.
  Separation Technologists, Inc.
  Shanghai Canature Environmental Products Co., Ltd.
  Shanghai Liritay Industrial Co., Ltd.
  ShanXi Pangda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
  Shelco Filters
  Siam Cast Nylon Co., Ltd.
  Sierra Instruments, Inc.
  SimplyLogic Systems
  Simpson Environmental Corporation
  Sistemes Electronics Progres, S.A.
  SK Watermakers
  SnowPure Water Technologies
  SNP Technologies P.Ltd.
  So Safe Water Technologies
  Solar Pure Water Treatment Systems
  SOLE AQUA Co., Ltd.
  Solutions in Aqua
  Solvay Chemicals, Inc.
  SoPhTec, International
  So~Safe Water Technologies
  Spartan Environmental Technologies, LLC
  Specialty Sales, Inc.
  Springsoft International, Inc.
  Sprite Industries, Inc.
  Spruce Environmental Technologies, Inc.
  SSI Aeration, Inc.
  Stenner Pump Company
  Sterlitech Corporation
  Sturis Water Purification
  Sukrut UV Systems (P) Ltd.
  Summerhill Technology Corp.
  Sunologi, Inc.
  Superb Wrench
  Superior Tank Company, Inc.
  Survival Still
  Survival Still
  SWECO, A Business Unit of M-I L.L.C.
  SWHIFT Systems, Inc.
  Systematix Co.
  TADLOCK and Associates, Inc.
  Taizhou Tianyang Electrical Co., Ltd
  Taprogge Gesellschaft GmbH
  Taylor Technologies, Inc.
  TDRAH Consulting
  Techno Water Engs.
  Tef Cap Industries
  Tempest Environmental Systems, Inc.
  Terawet Ventures, Inc.
  TerraGroup Corporation
  The Global Discounts
  The Hanish Group
  The Purolite Company
  Therma-Tron-X, Inc.
  Thermoplastic Valves, Inc.
  Thomas Products, Ltd.
  Thomson Water Media
  TMK Ltd.
  Toboa Energy Resources LLC
  Tolem Water Treatment Technology, Ltd.
  Tomlinson Industries
  Toray Membrane USA, Inc.
  Trans Organics India Pvt Ltd
  Triple O Systems, Inc.
  Triton Water AG
  Trojan UV
  TST Water, LLC
  U.V. Solutions S.A.S.
  Ultrafil Systems
  UNCO Data Systems, Inc.
  United Carbon Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.
  United Filters International, Inc.
  United Manufacturing International 2000
  United States Resin Co.
  universal de aguas
  Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.
  US Water Treatment & Solar Energy Company (The)
  UV Dynamics, Inc.
  UV Pure Technologies, Inc.
  UV Solutions S.A.S.
  UV Superstore, Inc.
  Vacuum Instrument Corp./VIC Leak Detection
  Vertex Water Products
  Via Filtros Sistema Filtrante
  Vincenz-Eau, Inc.
  Vita Pumps - Guangzhou Hydro Technical Services, Ltd.
  Vontron Technology Co., Ltd.
  Vulcan Descaler
  Wanin Industries Pte. Ltd.
  Watch Water Products
  Watch® GmbH
  Water & Power Technologies, LLC
  Water Angel Inc.
  Water Concept Pakistan
  Water Concepts
  Water Egypt Co.
  Water Emporium
  Water Everything
  Water First Technologies
  Water Of India
  Water Purification Supplies
  Water Quality Control Systems, Ltd.
  Water Software
  Water Solutions Corporation
  Water Tec - Nevada
  Water Tec de México S.A. de C.V.
  Water Tec of Tucson, Inc.
  Water Tech Industries
  Water, Inc.
  Water-Right, Inc.
  WaterCare Corporation
  Watercare International
  Waterco (USA), Inc.
  Wateregypt Co.
  WaterGuard Group, LLC
  Waterite America, Inc.
  Waterite Technologies, Inc.
  Waterline Technology
  Waterlogic Commercial Products, LLC
  Waterlogic USA (West)
  Waterman Co., Ltd.
  Waterman International
  Waterpro Water Treatment and Service
  Watertech B.V.
  Waterwise, Inc.
  WaterWorld USA, Inc.
  Water~Safe Drinking Water Systems
  Watts Water Technologies
  Watts(R) Water Quality Products
  Webtrol Pumps
  Well Sys USA
  West Heat Industries, Limited
  Western Purifier Company
  Western RO
  Western Soap Company
  Western Water Products, Inc.
  WhiteWater Concepts
  WINIX, Inc.
  Wonder Light Industry Machinery Electronic Products Co., Ltd.
  Wonder Light Industry Machinery Electronic Products Co., Ltd. - Canada
  Wood Bros. Ind.
  Woongjin Chemical Co., Ltd.
  Xiamen Runner Industrial Corp.
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