July 2000
Volume 42 Number 7
RO: An Overview on Advances in POU Technology
by Victor Zaldivar, David Carlile & David Powell
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RO: New Device Shatters Seawater Conversion Conceptual Barriers
by G.G. Pique
Energy costs to operate plants are largely why conversion of seawater to potable water has been impractical on a global scale. But what if that cost could be drastically reduced...  read more
C&I Standards to Help Grow Markets with Good Design Practices
by David Paulson
Food Service & Water Treatment-Winning the Battle for Equipment Up-Time
by Rita Daugherty
Portable Purification, Part 2 of 2: On the Road or Waves-Yachts and RVs Offer New Opportunities for POU/POE

Tanks: Which Pressure Tank Do I Sell?
by Bill Corey
Tanks for Aquatic Applications
by Tanks for Aquatic Applications
Arsenic, Part 1 of 2: Impact of Proposed New Arsenic Standards on POU Carbon Filtration
by Mohammed Bayati & Mark Stouffer
Case Study for KCl Softening: Golf & Country Club Recycled Water Irrigation Research Project
by T.L. Roberts, K.R. Polizotto & Sidney S. Blair
Ion Exchange: Niche Markets for the Common Water Softener
by Peter Meyers
Web Exclusive
World Spotlight: The HPC Debate in Europe-Bacterial Re-Growth in Post-Treatment Devices request
ComputerWare: The Case for Industry Specific Software request
Dealer Profile: Missouri Culligan of Tri Lakes Follows Branson from Sleepytown to Boomtown read more
Filtration -- Defining ``Absolute`` and ``Nominal``
by Rob Herman read more
Dangers of Home Water Storage
by Kelly A. Reynolds read more
Website of the Month: Search Engines du Jour request
Quick Reference Charts: Water Treatment Standards & Methods request
Supplement to the 2000-2001 Buyer's Guide request