October 2001
Volume 43 Number 10
IBWA Preview -- Thirsting for Bottled Water in Miami Beach: IBWA takes a More Technical Approach
by Ronald Y. Pérez, WC&P Senior Editor
The emphasis on technical issues stems from the fact IBWA will voluntarily take part in the HACCP program in 2002...  read more
Bottled Water Behind Bars
by Arthur von Weisenberger
When people think of "bars," one of the last things envisioned is bottled water served to us in a relaxed, quiet atmosphere similar to a martini bar...  read more
The Bottled Water Business: Riding the Tailwind of a Flourishing Industry
by Bruce Kucera
Whether you're getting into the bottled water business or expanding your product offering, you'll need a basic introduction to water treatment...  read more
From the Tap or Bottle: Protecting the Source is Cheaper
by Biksham Gujja, Richard Holland and Catherine Ferrier
One group whose views have contrasted largely with the IBWA's in the past year is the World Wildlife Fund...  read more
A Brief History of the Role of Ozone in Water Bottling
by L. Joseph Bollyky, Ph.D., P.E.
Ozonation is one of the most effective treatment processes for a microbiological barrier that water bottlers can provide...  read more

Three times a year, WC&P brings you a seasonal update on the latest in water treatment products, systems & related services...  read more
Routing Automation Technology: One Way to Keep Pace with a Growing Population
by Jennifer Persechino
Any water treatment dealer servicing a growing metropolis will need to face growing pains if it plans to stay in business. That includes more efficient routing...  read more
On the Surface of Things: Cleaning Technology for Water Facilities
by Ulrich Reimann-Philipp, Ph.D.
The quality of drinking water is often tied to what cleaning technology is implemented by small system operators for hard to clean surfaces such as the interior of holding tanks...  read more
UV for Air Disinfection: Making it Work for the Indoors
by Mark S. Timmons, CWS-VI, CI, CSR
Whether large or small in size, water treatment dealers are always looking to maximize their profit potential. One technology they may already have expertise in for water could offer additional possibilities -- for air...  read more
The Plumbing Industry & Environmental Issues
by Mark Wiertzema
With heightened emphasis on environmental effects of plumbing systems as well as water conservation, trapping wastes disposed of through household or commercial use offers opportunities to improve water quality...  read more
Water Use in California: A Growing Need for Proper Policy
by Dana Haasz
The energy "crisis" in California last fall and spring and its impact on hydroelectric resources, underscored the need for a more comprehensive water policy to handle demand management...  read more
Arsenic Reduction for POU: Undercounter Options
by Greg Gilles
Early in 2002, the USEPA is expected to hand down the final ruling of the arsenic standard, at which time small community water systems will face the dilemma -- how to treat their water...  read more
Car Wash Wastewater: Trends in Reclamation and Recycling
by Douglas Smith
Professionals in the water reclamation and recycling industry have a tremendous opportunity to offer products to the burgeoning market of car wash businesses...  read more
Composite Filters: Activated Carbon Fiber and its Application
by Nobu Kiku
Activated carbon fiber, made from coal pitch, is processed using a spinning process to create a product that can be molded into any shape for use in POU water filter applications...  read more
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