September 2001
Volume 43 Number 9
Gaining the Winning Edge on a Global Scale: Pay Heed to the Ways of the World
by Ann Marie Sabath
When interacting with individuals outside the U.S. -- in this case, Germany and Switzerland -- doing business in time-honored ways isn't only appreciated, it's expected...  read more
Water & International Health: Combating Waterborne Disease Globally
by Tim Ford
Waterborne diseases take on greater emphasis when the subject involves developing countries where resources aren't as readily available...  read more
Supplying Turkish Troops with Drinking Water via Solar Powered Units
by Alan M. Weiss
In military operations, natural disasters or other emergencies, great emphasis is placed on mobilizing potable water treatment capabilities quickly...  read more
The Czech Republic & Slovakia: Cutting Costs with Water After the Velvet Revolution
by Andrew S. Corr, CWS-V
When the Iron Curtain fell in Eastern Europe in 1989, it was realized quickly that 40 years of economic stagnation and neglect left major infrastructure problems -- including for water...  read more
Latin America, Mexico & the Need for POU Water Treatment
by Jorge Navarro
The degree of water contamination in Mexico is often a matter of location and economic status...  read more
Drinking Water Treatment systems for Domestic Use: The Standard and Its Enforcement in Israel
by Alexandra Aronin & Grisha Deitch
Regulatory bodies in Israel have recently stepped up efforts to make drinkng water for domestic use a high priority...  read more
Lab Testing: An Overview of Analytical Methods for the Detection of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in Environmental Matrices
by Randi M. McCuin
Two familiar, not to mention dangerous, waterborne parasites have received much focus directed at reducing their presence in various source waters...  read more
Lab Testing: ASTM and AWWA Test Methods in Evaluating Activated Carbon
by Henry Nowicki, Ph.D.; Barbara Nowicki, and Homer Yute
Selecting the best activated carbon for a specific application is an important decision for which lab testing methods can offer assistance...  read more
Lab Testing: Reagent Water Disinfection
by Warren Searles
Disinfection for the purpses of reagent grade water is an issue that faces many laboratory managers...  read more
Test Strips: FAQs for Dealers & Lab Technicians
by Jay Anand
Water analysis can be as easy or as involved as you want it to be. Often we may convince oureselves that the more difficult, the more accurate. With new test strips, that's not always the case...  read more
Small Systems: A Promising Answer to Community Water Problems
by D.J. (Duke) Shannahan, Sr., CWS-VI, CI, CSR
A letter from the new Water Quality Association Small Systems Committee chairman...  read more
Recovery & Efficiency: RO Water from POU Units -- The Real Story
by Peter Cartwright, P.E., CWS-VI, and Tom Cartwright, CWS-I
A look at a few of the factors that affect efficiency of POU units and the resulting RO water quality, including consideration of permeate, recovery and removal volume...  read more
Groundwater Legislation: Bills Hope to Provide Consumers with Choice in Drinking Water
by Julie Shaw
Already this year, public servants in the nation's capitol have addressed some issues facing customers who rely on private wells as their main source of water...  read more
Septic Tanks: Taking a Stand on the Issues -- NOWRA’s National Model Code
by Robert E. Lee
The onsite water treatment industry has existed so far via state and local codes, but NOWRA has been working for a year now on a national model standard for septic systems...  read more
Web Exclusive
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