July 2001
Volume 43 Number 7
Special Section: Summer Showcase

Reverse Osmosis: POE Applications for a Microbrewery, A Case Study
by Ed Closuit
RO is the preferred technology for many commercial/light industrial applications...  read more
Reverse Osmosis: Carbon Block or RO? It’s a Matter of Taste
by Andy Palframan, CWS-V
Bottled water is trendy and whether your client wants that quality may answer the above question...  read more
Hollow-Fiber Technology Advances: Microbiological Disinfection Capabilities of Low-Pressure MF & UF Membranes
by Herman Beckers, Ludo Diels and Luc Stoops
Extensive tests show a combination of an activated carbon prefilter followed by a micro- or ultrafiltration capillary membrane cartridge is an effective barrier against bacteria...   read more
An Open-Loop Recirculation Flow Pattern: Eliminating Water Waste in Membrane-Based POU Applications, Part 1 of 2
by Ted Kuepper, Robert Lovo and Mark Silbernagel
Chief among drawbacks in many water treatment systems often is the amount of water wasted in the process...  read more
Small Systems: Effective Presentations Make Up for Small Numbers at NSF International Symposium in the Nation’s Capital
by Peter Cartwright, P.E., CWS-VI
The final tally indicated that 385 people attended the 3rd Expo on Small Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems, Treatment, Management and Finance...   read more
NSF Covers the Arsenic Debate
by Henry G. Nowicki, Ph.D.
Many facets of the controversial arsenic issue were covered at the NSF symposium in Washington, D.C., in late April...  read more
Filtration: Advantages of Water Treatment with Coconut Shell Carbons
by Gary Hatch, Ph.D.
Several materials -- each with advantages -- are used to produce activated carbon for use in drinking water filter cartridges...  read more
Salt: Asking the Right Questions About Dietary Sodium
by Richard L. Hanneman
Gauging the effect sodium may have on our diets has been a bone of contention for many years...  read more
Air Sizing -- A New Approach to Tanks
by Jim Fuller
Residential water treatment dealers may take it for granted when installing a tank for a reverse osmosis (RO) unit that there's more than water to consider...  read more
A `Tasteless’ Question: Attention Dealers -- Do You Know Distillation?
by Horace Mansfield
The real truth here is that distilled water is indeed 'tasteless.' It has no taste. Then comes the question: Is no taste a bad taste?...  read more
Getting Grounded: How to Stop Blue-Green Staining II -- A Broader Solution
by Pete Ostwald
In March 2001, we discussed electrical grounding of water pipes and blue-green staining on household fixtures...   read more
UV Disinfection in Ultrapure Processes: Observing the Right Parameters
by Ralf Koenig
UV can be applied efficiently to ultrapure uses, but only if there's a general understanding of key components...  read more
The Encyclopedia of Water: Hoping to Become the Authoritative Resource
by Janet Lehr
...an agent from John Wiley & Sons heard of our project and approached us with a proposal to assume editorship of their four-volume work, The Encyclopedia of Water...  read more
Web Exclusive
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