June 2001
Volume 43 Number 6
UV: Evaluating Ultraviolet Light Reactor Performance -- Utilizing Bioassay
by Thomas Hargy
UV light is known to be an effective disinfectant of most microorganisms by damaging an organism's DNA, thus preventing the organism from multiplying and making it incapable of causing infection in a host...  read more
UV: Walkerton Case Study -- Shedding New Light on Water Treatment
by Lyn Ibson
In May 2000, an E. coli outbreak caused seven deaths and drew a dark cloud over water quality issues on a small town in Ontario, Canada...  read more
Getting the STAMP of Approval: Right Connections for Valves & Tubing
by Tom Raguz & Jackie DeThorne
Let's face it, many of us have done it ourselves. After spending a lot of time and energy, not to mention money, on certain elements of our water conditioning and purification systems, we shrug off the critical nature of the right connections...  read more
Control Valves: Chemical Batch Processing -- A Commercial/Industrial Case Study
by Andrew Harris
It's simple to explain how industrial cleaning products are made: Start with clean softened water, add solvents and mix the batch in a large tank...   read more
Aeration Offers Dealers More Than They May Realize
by Gary L. Rogers
Before using aeration, it's important to identify the importance of oxygen transfer rates and how they affect aeration's overall effectiveness...  read more
Vended Drinking Water: Opportunity for Growth
by Robert Wheeler
Due to lower cost and convenience for consumers, the water vending segment of the water industry allows dealers another practical outlet to promote water quality awareness as well as their business...  read more
Water Purification Innovations Head Marquee at NAMA Western Expo in Las Vegas
by Larry Eils
Each year, thousands of water vending and office coffee service (OCS) executives travel from around the globe to the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) expos to see the latest innovations in technology available...   read more
Product Testing: Client Interactive Programs -- An Alternative Approach to Obtaining Certification
by Kenneth Jenke
Drinking water treatment unit certification involves testing for performance claims, health effects and electrical safety. While certification agencies maintain extensive facilities for this, it's possible to use manufacturer labs at less time and less cost...  read more
Water as a Prefix: Testing Your Knowledge Against the Record
by Wes McGowan
The following is a variation on a theme regarding a 1991-93 WC&P article series by the author, " Water -- By These Labels...Ye Shall Know Them"...   read more
Web Exclusive
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