March 2001
Volume 43 Number 3
Ozone: Water Stores Take Advantage of an Alternative Disinfectant
by Roger Nathanson
One water treatment method gaining wider acceptance is ozone. In particular, those in the bottled water industry are finding it very useful and -- more specifically -- water stores where consumers dispense their own water...  read more
Ozone & Government Regulations: An Update
by Paul K. Overbeck
The Stage 2 D/DBP Rule won't lower the bromate MCL to 5 µg/L as was thought might occur as recently as last fall. This is critical since 50 percent of large water treatment plants using ozone wouldn't have met the lower level...  read more
Ozone: Treatment Applications for POU/PE and Small Water Systems
by Thomas P. Palkon, CWS-VI
With ozone becoming more accessible as an alternative treatment, its growth then turns on what methodologies and protocols to use. Such issues were debated this month at the WQA in Orlando...  read more
Expect ANSI/NSF Ozone Generator Standard in 2002
by Carlos David Mogollon
NSF International informed the American National Standards Institute it will develop an ozone standard.   read more
In-Transit Ozone Water Treatment Systems: Necessity is the Mother of Invention
by G. Scott Fahey, P.E.
With so many methods to treat water, it was a matter of time for the water transport industry to devise a way to treat water as it's delivered. In this case, water is carried by a tanker and treated with ozone along the way...  read more
Catalytic Destruction of Ozone: A Cost-Effective Approach to Controlling Off-Gas Emissions
by Joseph Sigmund
With additional emission regulations expected, steps are being taken to seek the most practical low-cost solutions to off-gas control of ozone...  read more
Monitors, Meters & Controls: Chemical Feed Systems for Proper Disinfection
by Steven Ebersohl
Metering pumps come in various types for an array of purposes as to disinfecting water with chemicals...  read more
Monitors, Meters & Controls: Monitoring for the OEM`s Replacement Element
by Loretta Trapp
Consumers should know what kind of replacement filter or membrane element they need to purchase before servicing or having their drinking water system serviced. Better monitoring would help...  read more
Water Vending: From Vended Water to Restaurants to Car Washes, Transferring Small Water System Technology for Niche Markets
by Jon Goodman
Purified water is demanded by virtually every sector of the population -- from households to major corporations. Finding a practical and affordable way to treat water becomes paramount...  read more
Changing with the Times: The Evolution of Faucets
by Gary M. Strunak
With countless changes that have taken place in the design and function of water coolers, even the cooler faucet itself has been required to keep up with the times.  read more
Carbon Software: Programs for Design & Optimization of GAC Adsorption in Water Treatment
by Henry G. Nowicki, Ph.D.
Granular activated carbon (GAC) adsorption capacity is important for the design and operation of liquid-phase GAC process systems in water treatment for potable uses.  read more
Going the Extra Mile: Identifying & Eliminating MTBE
by David Kahler
MTBE's insolubility, slow degradation and ability to move quickly in ground and surface water have heightened the importance of eliminating it from drinking water systems and wells...  read more
Fluoride & Water Treatment: History & Role in a Great Debate
by William S. Siegmund, CWS-V
While some POU/POE equipment can effectively remove fluoride -- RO & distillation -- the debate over it as a drinking water additive remains volatile...  read more
Boiler Feed Water: Reducing Scale and Corrosion, Part 1 of 2
by C.F. (Chubb) Michaud, CWS-VI
Ion exchange in commercial/industrial applications often involves boiler feed water. Here we looks at treatment methods using salt regeneration, more advanced chemical regeneration & treatment techniques...  read more
Electrodeionization: Making DI Water without Bottles
by Jan d'Ailly and David F. Tessier, Ph.D.
Producing pure water without frequent replacement of ion exchange bottles is now a practical reality. The latest EDI technology with reverse osmosis can handle the most demanding pure water requirements...  read more
Blue Stains: Copper Pipe Leaching & Proper Electrical Grounding
by Peter Ostwald
Many residences experience blue staining problems from poor water quality. Often, this is traced to incorrect grounding of electrical systems.  read more
Water on the Net: Making Online Distribution Work Wonders for Bottled Water
by Jeff Dunn
Some bottled water marketers are using the Internet as a means to reach out to a greater geographic customer base...  read more
The Job Interview: Keeping Dr. Jekyll & Losing Mr. Hyde
by Louis Rovner, Ph.D.
Web Exclusive
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Monitoring Public Water Supplies
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