February 2001
Volume 43 Number 2
SPECIAL SECTION: Winter Showcase

Hot new products, catalogs, services that you'll be able to see at the Water Quality Association exposition in Orlando in March 2001... For other products and services, visit our "New Products" and "Trade Show" sections.  read more
Another Spring Break in Florida: The Water Treatment Industry Gathers for WQA Show in Orlando, March 27-31
by Carlos David Mogollon, WC&P Executive Editor
A preview of the Water Quality Association international convention and exhibition that includes a summary of seminars, what controversies to expect, a preliminary schedule of events and sights, sounds and tastes of Central Florida...  read more
WQA 2001: 27th Annual Convention Schedule of Events, Orlando, Fla.

To view an easily printable preliminary schedule of seminars, committee, task force and other events planned, doubleclick on the .pdf file.  read more
WQA 2001: Orlando Attractions -- More Than Disney World Awaits Visitors

Busch Gardens, Sea World Orlando, Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios, beaches, theater, sports and museums...  read more
Trade Shows: Successful Shows in 10 Easy Steps
by Lee Edwards
Tips for making your spring show season a productive and profitable experience for your dealership or business...  read more
Distillation: Energy Sharing Offers Cost and Environmental Advantages
by A.E. Meder
An integrated home water system offers both distilled drinking water and hot water for household needs -- allowing users to save money on energy and water costs...  read more
Countertop Water Distillers: The Benefits of Pure Water Made Easy
by Christine Glaszcz
Often overlooked as an option for residential consumers when it comes to water treatment is the countertop distiller, but there are numerous advantages these bring...  read more
Is Our Future Dammed?
by C.F. (Chubb) Michaud, CWS-VI
A recent article in Harper's Magazine ("Running Dry," July 2000) discussed the political, environmental and economic impact of dams in human history. What are the implications for the water treatment industry? That's the focus of this discussion...  read more
Waterborne Pathogens: Opportunistic Contaminants Potentially Lurking in Today’s Water Systems
by Cheryl Squier, BSN, CIC; Yu-sen E. Lin, Ph.D., and Janet E. Stout, Ph.D.
The number of immunocompromised individuals in the world is increasing, which places a greater emphasis on maintaining the quality of drinking water. Here is a discussion of a few waterborne pathogens and measures that can be taken to preven infections...  read more
Waterborne Pathogens: Reducing Risk of Legionella and Other Bacteria in Home Plumbing Systems
by Matthew R. Freije
While Legionella is most often associated with respiratory illness, the source of contamination often is aerosolized water. Following are tips by a well-known expert on the subject of prevention of Legionnaire's Disease...  read more
Treating Water for the Rich & Famous: A Growing Challenge for the Industry
by Jamie Wakem
With a construction boom in luxury homes in the past decade, water treatment professionals are being asked today to address a multitude of changing consumer demands. This creates both opportunity and challenge for the residential dealer...  read more
Special Media, Part 2 of 2: New Anion Resin—Polyvinylpyridine—Offers Options for Emerging Contaminants Remediation and Other Applications
by Martin Grendze, Ph.D.; Brad Fravel, Ph.D., and Donald McQuigg
A new resin may offer advantages in resolving increasing scrutiny by regulatory officials of health risks associated with heavy metals and difficulty of removing many anion forms of these from drinking water...  read more
Ion Exchange: Resin Analysis Interpretation
by Mike Keller
Resins, like anything associated with water treatment equipment, are bound to wear down over time. Often, however, steps can be taken to return them back to efficient mode. Here's a few things to keep in mind in that regard...  read more
Keeping It Clean—Resin Bed Cleaners: An Important Component of Good Softener Operation
by Troy Ethen
Gaining wider use in the water treatment industry, resin bed cleaners are an effective complement to efficient softener operation. It's important to know when to use the variety of types of cleaners available...  read more
A Hidden Threat to KCl: How New Softener Efficiency Guidelines Affect Your Business
by Jerry Poe
Ongoing enactment of stricter water softener efficiency rules in California to reduce chloride discharges may limit future marketability of potassium chloride as a regenerant, despite healthier, more environmental advantages of its use over sodium chloride...  read more
Groundwater: Water District Takes Leap of Faith -- Treating Brackish Water in California
by Jeff Crider
Rapid population growth is making water an increasingly precious commodity across California, which faces a recent federal mandate limiting its consumption of Calfornia River water to 4.4 million acre feet a year. As such, water districts are looking at ways to make better use of their groundwater supplies in an effort to reduc their dependence on imported surface water...  read more
Ion Exchange and Groundwater Cleanup: Dealing with Chromium Contamination in the Northwest -- A Case Study
by Dick Chmielewski
Even before the subject of hexavalent chromium as a waterborne contaminant was broached in Julia Roberts' hit movie, "Erin Brockovich," water treatment professionals were aware of the importance of dealing with this problem in drinking water...  read more
NDMA: Recent Activities in California on the Emerging Water Contaminant
by David P. Spath, Ph.D.; Steven A. Book, Ph.D., and Gary H. Yamamoto
The waterborne contaminant discussed in this article — N-nitrosodimethylamine — was one of the hot emerging issues discussed at last June's American Water Worsk Association convention in Denver. WC&P introduced the topic in the November 2000 "On Tap" column. Here's a more detailed overview from the California Department of Health Services office at the front line of the problem...  read more
Solid Carbon Block Filters: The Performance Says it All
by Paula I. Rice
It's clear not all carbons are alike in terms of contaminant reduction performance when it comes to drinking water filtration. Rigorous product development, quality control and experimentation have shown compressed carbon block product to be far more efficient at removing contaminants of aesthetic and helath concern...  read more
WQA Recertification Quiz
by Judy A. Grove, Ed.D, CAE
Three times annually, WC&P offers readers who are Certified Water Specialists with the Water Quality Association to earn Continuing Professional Development credits toward recertification. The following quiz is based on the preceding article by Paula I. Rice, "Solid Carbon Block Filters: The Performance Says It All"...  read more
Technological Advances in RO Systems: Bringing It Home with You
by Niklas Pahlman and Tibor Nemeth, Ph.D.
Tankless? Yes! Technological advances have made it possible to produce convenient reverse osmosis point-of-use equipment that delivers a continuous flow of pure water on demand — without a storage tank...  read more
The Bottled Water Industry in India: Living with the New Standards
by H. Subramaniam
Buoyed by the increased importance placed on water quality following outbreaks of waterborne diseases, the Indian bottled water market is in the midst of a critical transition. An influx of outside companies attempting to capitalize on the market makes regulations more imperative and also may dictate who survives the impending battle in one of the world's most populous countries...  read more
Training Your Employees Right: Direction is All in the Approach
by David H. Paul
Water treatment is becoming more technical everyday, just as the importance to the public of improved quality has grown significantly. Education is the key for small water treatment dealers to being prepared for current and future opportunities that may ensue...  read more
Bottom Line: Turning Your Personal Creativity into a Prosperous Venture
by William Blades
You can afford to be neither safe nor comfortable in your profession, i.e., water treatment professionals. As individuals in a fast-changing world, we must buy into the fact that to stay ahead of a competitive market, internal change must accelerate more than external changes every industry faces. The president must improve as much as the sales manager...  read more
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Demographics of Water Consumption
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