January 2001
Volume 43 Number 1
Carbon: Optimized Activated Carbon for MTBE Removal in POU/POE Systems -- Coconut vs. Coal
by Mark R. Stouffer
Coconut shell activated carbon optimized for MTBE adsorption can reduce the problematic fuel oxygenate to non-detect levels in point-of-use water treatment applications and can meet stringent requirements of NSF Standard 53. However, a rigorous quality control and assurance program is required...  read more
Carbon Testing: Mass Spectrometry is King in Water Analysis
by Henry G. Nowicki, Ph.D.
Mass spectrometry -- a method of chemical analysis used in water treatment, evaluation of activated carbon and other lab testing applications -- is a billion-dollar-plus marketplace with huge growth potential and benefits for water treatment dealers...  read more
IACC-8: A Review of the Carbon Conference
by Barbara S. Sherman
The Eighth Annual International Activated Carbon Conference (IACC-8) was held Sept. 18-23, 2000, in Pittsburgh. Following is a summary of the conference and its exhibitors...  read more
The Experts and the Odyssey: Introducing the 2001 WC&P Technical Review Committee
by Carlos David Mogollon
For the last five years, WC&P has relied upon the expertise and professionalism of a group of a dozen longstanding members of the point-of-use/point-of-entry water treatment industry to guide the magazine through the turbulent tides of a market in transition...  read more
Forward 2001: One Man's Challenge is Another's Opportunity
by Peter Censky
Whether you are the CEO of your company, marketing manager, sales manager or you do it all as owner of a dealership -- you need information...  read more
Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems: Peak Flow Management Design Using POU/POE Technology for Small Systems
by Robert A. Governal, Ph.D.
Consumers increasingly rely on point-of-use/point-of-entry technologies to improve and ensure the quality of water entering their residences and businesses. These flows are typically controlled by a municipal or community water treatment plant..  read more
Chlorine and Disinfection: The Advanced Technology of Tablet Chlorination
by Carl Hammonds
Until not too long ago, those seeking water treatment for small applications were reduced to two options -- chlorine gas and bleach. Meanwhile, larger users always had the alternative of dry tablet chlorination. Smaller users now have this available as well...  read more
Special Media, Part 1 of 2: Emerging Antimicrobial Technology Offers Broad Control of Pathogens
by Martin R. Jenkins and Gregory C. Gilles
A new media-based technology developed in the last two years offers alternatives for achieving the antimicrobial protection consumers expect, controlling a wide range of bacteria, yeasts and viruses...   read more
Web Exclusive
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Drinking Water Treatment Standards -- The Process of Certification
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Agricultural Wastes on Groundwater Quality -- The Microbial Impact
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Website of the Month: The Fight Beyond Midnight -- Government Regulations on the Radar, www.RegRadar.com
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