November 2010
Volume 52 Number 11
Trends in Pretreatment for Seawater Reverse Osmosis
by Lisa Henthorne  Pages: 22-24
Pretreatment has long been the chink in the armor of seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination, particularly in plants using open intakes.   read more
Treating Seawater for Passenger Consumption
by Elizabeth A. Adams  Pages: 26-28
Seawater is used to make drinking water in many parts of the world. Some treatment facilities are very large and supply municipal water for an entire city.  read more
Using Data Loggers to Gauge Motor Efficiency
by Evan Lubofsky  Pages: 30-32
In keeping with a national push to bring greater energy efficiency to wastewater treatment plants, a Pennsylvania facility used data loggers to analyze motor utilization, a first step toward cutting energy costs and meeting environmental rules.  read more
High-Performance Nitrate Removal Ion Exchange System
by Filip Rochette  Pages: 34-39
A major manufacturer has developed an innovative ion exchange system for the removal of nitrate from groundwater sources.   read more
Innovative Technology Breaks Down Sludge and Removes Odors at RV Campsite Septic System
by Klaus Voss and John Norton, Ph.D.  Pages: 40-42
Located in Gloucester, VA, Thousand Trails Chesapeake Bay is an RV campsite and outdoor preserve with over 350 full-hookup sites and 25 rental cabins.   read more
PWQA 2010 Annual Conference in Pictures
by WC&P Staff  Pages: 44-45
The annual conference in Irvine, September 14-17 featured legislative and governmental meetings, educational seminars on selling tips, tune-ups, brine efficiency and the Battelle Study results.  read more
InterBev/IBWA 2010: Smaller But Still Interesting
by WC&P Staff  Pages: 46-47
The Orange County Convention Center in sunny Orlando, FL hosted a smaller InterBev/IBWA 2010 conference this year, with fewer exhibitors and slower foot traffic overall, a reminder that the economy hasn't yet recovered.   read more
Whose Customers Are They Really? (And other lessons learned)
by Gary Coon  Pages: 48-50
I've had the pleasure of working with highly successful business people most of my adult life.  read more
Web Exclusive
Dealer Profile: Pat's Water, Inc.--Rooted in History, Looking toward the Future
by Denise M. Roberts  Pages: 52-54 read more
Water Matters: Testing Residential Distillation Systems
by Rick Andrew  Pages: 56-58 read more
On Tap: Common Drinking Water Contaminant Linked to Intellectual Impairment in Children
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D.  Pages: 60-62 read more
Viewpoint: Fall has arrived!
by Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher  Pages: 6 read more