September 2010
Volume 52 Number 9
Water Cooler Sanitizing
by Susan McKee  Pages: 24-25
Fresh. Clean. Pure and refreshing. These are descriptions most of us associate with water from clean-looking water coolers.  read more
UV Disinfection in the Beverage Industry
by Ismail Gobulukoglu, Ph.D., Gary Vander Laan and Yang-jen Chen, Ph.D.  Pages: 26-30
Bottled water products are produced utilizing a multi-barrier approach, from source to finished product, that helps prevent possible harmful microorganisms or chemicals from contaminating the finished product or storage, production and transportation equipment.  read more
The Benefits of Bottle-Free Water Coolers: a Growth Opportunity
by Ted Fay  Pages: 32-34
Bottle-free coolers represent a rapidly expanding market opportunity for dealers, wholesalers and distributors of water quality products to businesses.   read more
Make It Big in POU Cooler Sales--Simple! (but not easy)
by Scott Bailey  Pages: 36-40
Do you want to make it big in POU cooler sales? If you said yes, please read on. I have been involved in POU cooler sales and marketing for more than a decade.   read more
Addressing Challenges in Biological Safety of Drinking Water
by Gene (Guenadi) Rabinski, Ph.D.  Pages: 42-43
In the last several years, we have seen several major disasters where shortages of adequate drinking water supplies have been a critical problem.  read more
Why We Need Big-Box Stores
by Kelly R. Thompson, CWS-VI  Pages: 44
Going to Home Depot for some people may not be a bad option.  read more
Sun, Fun, Rain, and a Tornado at MWQA
by Kelly R. Thompson, CWS-VI
The Michigan Water Quality Association's Annual Conference started the way most conferences do, with a trip to the greens.   read more
Avoiding Dehydration in the Workplace
by Mike Markovsky  Pages: 46-50
Physical dehydration can be insidious and, depending on each individual's state of hydration and tolerance level to thirst signals, it can have a profound impact on business.   read more
Texas WQA Event Recap
by Daina Grace  Pages: 56-57
The 37th Annual Texas Water Quality Association Convention & Exhibition, held in July in Fort Worth, Texas, welcomed over 200 attendees.   read more
Web Exclusive
The Water Store Makes Its Mark in New Hampshire
by Denise M. Roberts  Pages: 52-54 read more
Water Matters: Water Coolers and the NSF / ANSI Standards
by Rick Andrew  Pages: 58-60 read more
On Tap: Sex and Microbes--How Promiscuous Pathogens Promote Human Disease
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D.  Pages: 62-64 read more
Viewpoint: Hydration in record temperatures
by Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher  Pages: 10 read more